Abutment Duplication – a Way of Reconciliation


Analog-transfer system, which was developed many years ago and became a part of product range of every manufacturing company, is, no doubt, necessary for making the working model that reflects, with the highest precision, the clinical situation.

ANALOG of the implant is intended for precise copying on the working model of the positioning in the oral cavity (relative to the bone) of connective system elements between the implant and the prosthetic element (suprastructure).


TRANSFER is intended for transferring of the position of connective system elements from the oral cavity to the physical model.

Nevertheless, there are many adherents to the concept of obtaining impressions from straight from abutments in the oral cavity (direct method).

This group of specialists has only one sound argument in favor of this concept – no need for multiple extractions of suprastructure elements, which inevitably lead to destruction of certain stable biological connection that is formed between the titanium element of the suprastructure and

The essence of this connection will remain the subject of arguments between dental scientists in various fields of stomatology. Nevertheless, its destruction is really accompanied by a certain trauma and also by increasing risk of infection. Therefore trying to avoid the destruction of this connection is quite reasonable.

Also, reasonable and fair is the opinion that obtaining a high quality impression from the oral cavity, which will allow to make a high quality working model, is much more complex than to make a cast from prepared natural teeth.

This is due primarily to the difficulty of using the retraction cord and, therefore, difficulties in obtaining precise parameters of abutment chamfers.

Besides, the degree of accuracy of the best impression compounds is high enough only in case of taking impressions of the natural teeth that have physiological mobility at periodontal level, which compensates for the lack of material accuracy.

In case of ankylose implants, deficiency in accuracy of impression compounds is evident, especially when we deal with a large number of bearing elements in bridge prosthetics with multiple How then can we minimize the number of detachments of suprastructure elements during the whole process of restoration till its completion, using at that the only true method of working model fabrication, namely by means of analog-transfer system in combination with application of the methods of obtaining measurements using “open tray” method?

The answer is abutment duplication!