The Main Task

Abutment duplication – main task of modern age of development of prosthetic aspect of implantation. All research in the area of studying the nature of oral mucositis and periimplantitis is conflicting in its data. Hence, it is not possible to arrive at any conclusion as to what number of complications is related to the prosthetic stage of implantation.

At the same time there is no doubt that significant part of complications arises as a result of infection; the risk of infection is considerably increased in conditions of frequent extractions of healing caps or temporary abutments during clinical stages of implant restorations. These extractions are often accompanied by trauma, which results from damaging of a biological connection established between the titanium element of the suprastructure and the mucosa.

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Reconciliation of the parties

Abutment Duplication – a Way of Reconciliation


Analog-transfer system, which was developed many years ago and became a part of product range of every manufacturing company, is, no doubt, necessary for making the working model that reflects, with the highest precision, the clinical situation.

ANALOG of the implant is intended for precise copying on the working model of the positioning in the oral cavity (relative to the bone) of connective system elements between the implant and the prosthetic element (suprastructure).

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