Analoyd duplicating system

Analoyd duplication system is adapted to the methodology of abutment duplication developed by implantation planning center Shendall Tec (Israel). The methodology is endorsed by leading specialists in dental implantology.

The system is suitable for duplication of individually manufactured abutments when working with popular implant systems.

Analoyd system includes:

1.       Innovative analogs “LA” for popular implant systems.
2.       Special duplication device – “Dupbox”.
3.       Duplication material – “Emprossil”.
4.       Material for the duplicate – “Compoloyd”.
5.       Accessorial set of screws.
6.       Set of rubber retention rings.
7.       Set of nylon retention caps.
8.       Wrench for inserting and extracting of Analog “LA”
9.       Wrench for screw fixing.