Analog “LA”

Analog «LA» is created specifically for the duplication method developed by Shendall Tec center.

Analog «LA» has totally unusual concept of use and in connection with this, an unutilized before concept of shape of dental implant analogs.

Analog «LA» is easily extracted from the model without disturbing the model’s integrity and is as easily placed back in its position.

High positioning precision of Analog «LA» in the body of the physical model as well as its steady stability during the milling process of the abutment fixed on analogs in the model on the milling machine are achieved owing tospecial stabilizing elements.

Rubber retentive ring (first stabilizing element) is fixed in a specially made for it circumferential groove in the body of the analog; during the casting of gypsum model the rubber ring forms a recess in the gypsum. The ring on the analog and the groove for it in the gypsum are the parts of the first element, which provides stable fixation of the analog when it is inserted into its bed in the physical model.

Spherical projection on the apex of the analog (second stabilizing element) is a part of spherical locking joint. It snaps into corresponding nylon cap which is retained in the body of the model after the casting. In this way steady stability of the analog is ensured during milling of the abutment attached to it.

Analog «LA» has a round outer platform encased by a pentagon. Existence of the external pentagon coupled with the use of internal hexagon provides precise seating and steady stability of the abutment duplicate (when using abutment duplication method).

Inside analog «LA», the usual inlet opening for the fixing screw is continued throughout the length of the analog and ends with the outlet opening at the base of the spherical projection on the apex of the analog.

Additional distinctive structural features of analog «LA»:

1.       Length of analog: 19mm.
2.       Shape of external surface is slightly conical (1,50)
3.       Approximately in the middle of analog body there is a locking area.
4.       Along the length of the body, vertically there are: on one side – anti-rotational plane, on the other side–two anti-rotational grooves that serve as guides when analog is inserted into the bed of the physical model.

Structural features of analog «LA» and the possibility of extraction of the analog from the model with the ready abutment (milled and polished) attached to it predetermine the possibility of simple, inexpensive and very precise manufacturing of abutment duplicate, fixed on analog LA (in conformity with the method of duplication developed by Shendall Tec).

This, in its turn, allows to fix the abutments in the oral cavity once and for all (with no need for their subsequent extraction) and to use their duplicates, and not the abutments themselves, to continue the work of creating the prosthetic structure.

Use of Analog «LA» with application abutment duplication methods simplifies the work of the dentist and dental technician and, what is more important, saves the patient from repeated unpleasant procedures.