Company Analoyd (Israel) was founded with the purpose of realizing the project of the same name, Analoyd, the essence of which is a system of duplicating of individually manufactured abutments.

Simple and precise duplication of individually manufactures abutments is one of the main goals of present-day age of development of implant prosthesis.

Many leading manufacturers of dental implant systems realize the degree of importance of abutment duplication and manufacture imitators (replicas) of standard abutments.

However, in cases of multiple or total implantation it is impossible to be restricted by the use of standard abutments in order to solve complex clinical situations.

Our company solved this difficult problem by developing and producing a system for duplicating of individually manufactured abutments – Analoyd.

Analoyd duplication system is adapted to the methodology of abutment duplication that was developed by the center for implantation planning Shendall Tec (Israel), and received the approval of leading specialists in implantology.

It is suitable for duplicating individually manufactured abutments when working with practically all leading international implant brands.

In developing our system, we applied the latest technologies that ensure achieving the greatest effectiveness and functionality of these elements.

Monitoring of processes and quality of Analoyd system elements guarantees the ideal precision of duplicating method application.

Duplication method of individually manufactured abutments using Analoyd duplication system is the ultra-modern solution for dental implantation.

Reliable and at the same time simple, it makes the work of the dentist and dental technician easier and most importantly, relieves the patient from unpleasant procedures and reduces the risk of implant infection, thus ensuring positive results for prolonged period of time.