Purpose of Abutment Duplication Method
 Main purpose of abutment duplication – to reduce to the minimum the number of hardly useful and unpleasant manipulations connected with extracting of abutments from the oral cavity and their replacement during clinical stages of prosthetics on implants. Owing to abutment duplication, most clinical stages of prosthetics on implants (up to completion of manufacture of prosthetic structure) are carried out in a situation when the abutments are permanently fixed in the oral cavity. Thus, in most of the laboratory stages, not abutments, but their duplicates are used. Analoyd design allows to utilize the concept of abutment duplication without using expensive technologies. It is affordable to all dentists and dental technicians; it also significantly simplifies laboratory and clinical stages of prosthetics on implants; and most importantly, it is helpful to the patient.


Analog “LA”

Analog «LA» is created specifically for the duplication method developed by Shendall Tec center.


ANALOYD design

Analoyd design is protected by patent. It allows to use the concept of abutment duplication offered by the center of implantation planning Shendall Tec (Israel).


Method of Abutment Duplication

The method of abutment duplication was developed by Shendall Tec center(Israel) and has received endorsement of leading specialists in implantology.